Todd Look Dev v04

I've been hard at work doing look dev on Todd. Not a easy thing as I've gone in directions that I ended up coming back, like add a nose, or turn the robe into a cloak. Right now I'm trying to find the look and feel of todd and the materials. Also not an easy or should I say fast. Goal is to make something that will fast to produce an asset.
New on Left old on Right

This is san any real texture, altho it could be the base if I go clean style images like Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic. I'm working out what and how much there should be. Look dev continues.

Example of light texture:

Also been working on placing rivers in the world. Thats a huge pain, but it will be worth it... eventually. Kinda slowing down on that specifically since I spent all last week on it. I'll get an image of that soon, but its just water in that map... I have to hand make each river so... yeah. It will be a much bigger task than I thought, but once its done it will kick ass.