Trollin' Troll Call

Playing Team Fortress 2, Doomsday. I don't particularly like the map but I'm playing it never-the-less. Trying to find mini-sentry gun places. Its about 8 on 8 for the most part, I'm doing well, on the top, almost 2x better than the next guy on my team, there were so many AFK's I thought its lucky I'm playing well. We won 2 times and we're on the third match. Its getting harder and people are stepping it up. Its a good fight. Then one of the other team says "Agentfx youre such a fuckin pussy" to which I promptly respond, "no I'm not, YOU ARE" I'm laughing at my one-ups-man-ship in immaturity, when people start saying to the effect "OMG worst come back ever", "you don't have to cry about it" I say "LOL" I'm really crackin' up at this point when I get kicked! Probably my best play experience in recent memory. I love that kind of counter trollin'. I love that they kicked me. Perfect end to a session.