Todd Look Dev v04

I've been hard at work doing look dev on Todd. Not a easy thing as I've gone in directions that I ended up coming back, like add a nose, or turn the robe into a cloak. Right now I'm trying to find the look and feel of todd and the materials. Also not an easy or should I say fast. Goal is to make something that will fast to produce an asset.
New on Left old on Right

This is san any real texture, altho it could be the base if I go clean style images like Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic. I'm working out what and how much there should be. Look dev continues.

Example of light texture:

Also been working on placing rivers in the world. Thats a huge pain, but it will be worth it... eventually. Kinda slowing down on that specifically since I spent all last week on it. I'll get an image of that soon, but its just water in that map... I have to hand make each river so... yeah. It will be a much bigger task than I thought, but once its done it will kick ass.

New Land Updates

Got a chance to work full time on the game for the next month! This is going to be fun.

Here's where I'm at as of this morning. Trying to nail down the landscape and be out of WM and mostly in unreal and Maya. There are still huge issues to solve like how am I going to place all the rivers and waterfalls. Will they all have to be hand built? Probably, hopefully I'll find a shortcut.

Land is BIG, right now its 8kx8k, I'm concerned about the height differences between layers, and how the player might go between... if we want that. 

Monday I was here(below), for better or worse. I like to go in reverse order on the blog so you see the latest first. Each edit makes things better and you lose some things that were neat. That's the nature of procedural tools tho. Ultimately this was neat, but I couldn't fix the issues that needed being fixed. 
I started almost over from here, deleted 90% of the graph b/c the thought process this graph represents is messy. Its like a sketch, it has the ideas but fixing things like the rivers and shoreline was extremely difficult based on the mess. The top one might not look better but it is far superior in order and work-ability. 

More Writing More Land

Continuing to chip away at backstory and lore, also working on the land. Re-working it when cities need editing.

Land v3.1

Still more refinements to go, but getting closer and closer. 

Lore and Land

Working on the new idea for the land, along with the lore that made it. There are still a LOT of notes on this, from adding more mountains inside the ring, fixing rivers, adding lakes at the base of each waterfall, making sure the main rivers flow from the lakes... lots to do, but this is a decent idea of where I want to go. Of course the locations and names might change, especially the Necromancers Fortress. 

Edit: going to add version 3 even though its early. Rebuilt from the start to get a better flow of ideas in the graph.

Tree v01 or v00.5

Dare I even call this version 01, its more like sketching in 3D or look dev on the tree. The idea is about 3 layers clumps of planes stacked to give depth, with some sort of random spots on them. Using Substance designer to iterate fast... well fast if I was better at it. its slow when you get snagged on something and it takes 30 minutes to realize why. Anywho, forward progress.

Oh and that's an old house model in the back, not new. 

House v02

working to merge styles, Tood, now house (some more tweaking but its close), next veg. Getting shapes down first then materials next.

Todd v02

Re-working Todd. Always the intent but pushing towards the environment, and the environment towards him. Still WIP on the building but here's where Todd stands as on this morning.

Integration Update 5_1

Big new, Got the title!

"The Misadventures of Todd"

I've been doing some ground work, getting inspiration concept folder together, testing out camera, writing GDD, hashing out story... thats a big one, b/c it affect how everything works together. I thought I had a good idea of all this but as it came down to brass tax there were a lot of holes... still are but now I see them and have been patching then up.