UV Mapping 3D Coat

UV Mapping 3D Coat from destruct007 on Vimeo.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on why 3D Coat has one of the best UV Mapping tools out there. Far and away better than anything in Maya or any scripts that help Maya be OK at UV mapping. My favorite is the live updating unwrap previews. I think it gets you to the best UV mapped layout the fastest b/c you can see where its at and how things are going. Maya explodes in the unwrapping or crumples down to nothing, so its often I'm trying to trick maya into working with UV's. Not anymore.

First Contact: Hero WIP6

I went back and retouched the model to fine tune some things. I'm getting close to happy with the face, next step is to switch from voxel to surface mode in 3DC to paint in that last level of detail. But I'll probably just show the backed down hi and low rez game versions next, as I need to start making all the actual game assets and stop messing around finessing the main character...