First Look VR re-design

This took a month to get "right" as in getting it to this level of blocking. I can't say how performant this is ATM, but I just found out I'm getting my Vive Pre Friday! Its going to be a bit tricky to manage Andrew and myself sharing one when we don't live within hand off range. But we'll have a DK2 to play back up.  
Ground is not textured, especially in "town". I don't mind the simple colors but the town needs a better ground texture. I experimented with actual modeled floor but thats probably not worth the 20k polys it took to look fair. So finally back to a good place. The gear switching from normal game to VR was not insignificant.

Definitely still learning what size is too small and how much detail feels good. This is just where I'm at right now. Hope to make a video of this area with walking character tonight