The Big Change: VR

Took a step back over the holidays to re-evaluate. Andrew and I agree that we'd be idiots not to make a game in/for VR. I work in VR everyday using Unreal with the Vive. Why would I NOT use that skill set to make something fun? We're scaling back the features that were going to be to give us more iteration time for menus and controls in VR. Dropping the complex inventory system, in favor of simplified one... as just a small example. The game is developing as we go. Andrew still needs a headset, and I only have the DK2 at home, so we're working on getting him one. We also need a Vive or Crescent bay to be able to test quality to performance ASAP. Its hard to know what level of detail is needed or can be obtained until we get one of those headsets.
Here a look into the blocking I'm working on this AM.