Schools + DVD break-down

Thought I'd do a break-down of some of the schools and DVD's out there. This list is not comprehensive, more like, off the cuff what I think of the ones that pop into my head.

As far as DVD's
eat3d has the best UDK (I haven't tried their other stuff) but you can tell they put a lot of time an energy into the examples. I feel they make a high quality product.
Gnomon has the best in depth (maya and other 3d 2d stuff)
Gnomon also has the subscription service which is one of the best values in online education.
Digital Tutors always get the newest stuff out way before anyone else. Not as full in the FX categories but lots of topics and good introductions to many things.
and 3dbuzz is awesome all around. Really like those guys, and for the most part its free!

Gnomon School, produces the best modelers because Alex teaches the best classes and pushes REALLY hard so everyone comes out a really good modeler, altho you can come out a lighter, rigger, animator too... And if you're lucky I teacher there from time to time doing FX Classes.
Full Sail, Ex'pression Center, and other crank 'em out high cost schools are not bad, but you have to work hard to take full advantage of your education. Thats another blog post, I'd recommend them to the right person, ideally someone with some collage experience.
Animation Mentor is the best animation school, pixar guys... and I know people who've gone and speak very highly of it.
fxphd is one of the best TD schools. I've seen some of their course material/tutorials and great classes really informative.
there's also Animation World Networks (awn) database of schools

If you happen to be in France, then you'd be lucky to go to Gobelins which has produced some of the best student work in the world, IMO. I donno what they're doing but they're doing it right.

Anyway let me know what I'm forgetting, this is just a quick brain dump.