Weekend Update 12_7

Working on the soldier and skeleton with their armor combinations. Just designing and modeling them out right now. Soldier is pretty fleshed out, skeleton is still a WIP. Nothing is UV'ed or anything, also trying to keep their poly count low, as I'd like to have a lot of them on screen at once.

Todd Lo

Thinking about cutting "it" down to the bare essentials, going back a little to say what is this game really about. What is fun about it? I reduced Todd down to 1250 tri's and I think with the camera height we're thinking of using this will be more than enough.
Not saying we need to use this todd or even that I UV'ed and rigged him. Just that I'm thinking about things... yeah things, you know?

Trees03 & 5 Necromancers

Working on a smaller experience for our game that will be part of the larger but something we can show and share before the big picture is done. More on that as we figure things out. Here's the tree look I've been working with.