Fire Part 1

Fire Part 1 from destruct007 on Vimeo.

Here we start with the basics of fluid fire in maya. We just get the ball rolling, but it should be enough to get people well on their way to making fire, play with this setup and get to know it, understand how and why it moves. Next time we'll be pushing it further but when you make your own you'll need to know why things are moving the way they are. 90% of making fire will be knowing how to tweek it per-shot and per instance of your fire. Fire is a tweek fest of the highest regard.

Please to enjoy!

Vimeo videos

Upload complete. All video's now on vimeo, and future ones will be there too. It's got the best playback and general viewing. Just watch it fulls screen (or not) but it should still have the resolution 'n all.

Please to enjoy.

AUDIO-VIDEO SYNC issue fixed!

Talk on Fluid Transparency in Maya

Fluid Transparency in Maya from destruct007 on Vimeo.

Not a tutorial so much as it is me explaining some things about how I understand fluid transparency. It's a confusing thing since there are so many places it can be edited, and it's unclear what effects each slider has on the final render. I try to get into where and why it's confusing but I don't really make it clear since it is confusing... but I make it clear-er.

Fluid Rendering Optimizations Maya/MR

Fluid Rendering Optimizations Maya/MR from destruct007 on Vimeo.

Speeding up fluids renders can be key to farm efficiency and iterations to a better effect. Using Mental Ray with low AA -3, -1 gives a fast good looking fluid render, so long as there are no hold out geometry objects. This is by no means the perfect tutorial, meaning you'll have to play with the settings to get the quality you need to the shot, but this is the way to get a big time savings.

We also cover, instanced destruction and voronoi shattering. But that's just a bonus side effect to get the main effect.