Weekend Update 11.8

Worked a lot on the colors of the environment and the frequency of the details. There's a lot of changes from water to grass to normals and materials.

This is actually a new rock I made from scratch to test some style ideas I had, its better the other rocks but probably not by enough of a margin to replace the whole other one. Probably change their style even further before all's said n done.

Old Man Farmer Blocking

This guy would be like the land owner of a small farm or something. He doesn't have much but he does have his land. Not UV'd yet.


Still not in place as a gameplay element, but here's the animation of it as it stands now.


Blocking in staff FX for the fireball. Worked in maya to get a look on the sim, now getting it all blocked in and working. Notes on this, too detailed fire. Needs to be clearer shapes, less noise.