New Land Updates

Got a chance to work full time on the game for the next month! This is going to be fun.

Here's where I'm at as of this morning. Trying to nail down the landscape and be out of WM and mostly in unreal and Maya. There are still huge issues to solve like how am I going to place all the rivers and waterfalls. Will they all have to be hand built? Probably, hopefully I'll find a shortcut.

Land is BIG, right now its 8kx8k, I'm concerned about the height differences between layers, and how the player might go between... if we want that. 

Monday I was here(below), for better or worse. I like to go in reverse order on the blog so you see the latest first. Each edit makes things better and you lose some things that were neat. That's the nature of procedural tools tho. Ultimately this was neat, but I couldn't fix the issues that needed being fixed. 
I started almost over from here, deleted 90% of the graph b/c the thought process this graph represents is messy. Its like a sketch, it has the ideas but fixing things like the rivers and shoreline was extremely difficult based on the mess. The top one might not look better but it is far superior in order and work-ability.