I admit it. I've been lazy. Luckily not lazy about development but about posting updates to my blog. Tons of writing, a game design doc, a narrative doc, lore, world info... I figured I had to understand the world/game before I just blindly made assets.
Then/While I did that I spent quit a bit of time re-working and refining the look. More on that to come. A friend of mine is about to ramp up into the project and will have a large role in helping define the visual art style. I've re-organised and set up a sprint for the next 4 weeks (well plus the weekend) Anywhoo so right now I'm attacking a few things but specifically I'm reworking a rock kit I bought "Arid Desert" from the asset store. I liked the set up, might add a few more small bits but overall, trying out a new look from them. Here is an image w/o any albedo texture just trying to get the feeling of implied detail through the mesh and normal map. There's still some refinements to do of course, as always but here's a quick screen shot.
So much more to say to catch you all up....