Brekel/NITE/Kinect Mocap

First off let me say thanks to Brekel for the free awesome tool.

Its working, not a miracle capture yet. Meaning the process needs some TLC to get it nice and smooth workflow wise. Right now I see that the imported skeleton can have different joint lengths, so that needs to be edited to match the character.
First we need a motion capture clean up utility.
Probably snap the transforms of each joint to the character and have the rotations constrained to the mocap rig. Then make some sort of over that rig to adjust the animations and add some gross movements in obvious places, hands, feet, head.
Did some tests, basically the skinned rig can be exported in fbx and baked out animation, seems to work pretty well so no worries about complexity of the other rigs... at least for now it seems.

I think this tool will be great to get working temp animations into engine. The goal will be rough working animations to plug into the animtree and get the game working. Once its working pretty well we can go back and make the anim either better motion capture or just hand anim fix all the clips.