Terrain Test

Trying out the terrain material, which shows me a lot of the good, but more importantly what all need work/re-working. I have a lot of comments on this, it needs
  • rock textures
  • dirt texture
  • a paintable dense rock/pebbles
  • sparse grass either as a swap or in a addition to (might be a wish list)
  • material parameter collection is erroring for me right now, but need that for rock/terrain color testing. 
  • smooth some edges on the road and path rocks, too "poly" looking
  • terrain material needs height lerps to get rid of the soft blends.
I have more to say, but for now, those jump out at me. I also need to get buildings in there to see better scale between the two. Also buildings are in the sprint, so this might have to do for this sprint, and fix it in the next.