World Map 01

I give you Westeros! Ha, no, but I felt like I was making a world like that. This is version 1, need to get Andrew's feedback, as I made a LOT of choices. Other than the obvious, 1km map size. Starting map is high-lighted but any square could be the start.
And an initial pass or Points Of Interest, just to get a very rough idea, not really even marking them as what they are yet.
World Machine, in this view does an auto LOD so I can't show the real detail level.
For example this is the starting map rendered to its resolution.
Give an idea of where the city and other POI's might go.
And to give a sense of scale, here'e the Showcase level I was messing with in the starting map. Its a little hard to connect the 2 since this view is rotated about 120 degrees.