Lighting & Materials Update

Messed with lighting, actually re-worked the materials again. I had some my metal mask not set to 100% metal (which was originally correct btw) anyway, re-studied PBS materials and got a new understanding of roughness ranges, and I continued to tweak. 
Still working on rigging. Getting a professional level workflow and pipelines from my friend but its a bit more of an ordeal to get running... so that's on-going behind the scenes. 
trying to remove tiling from water. Color tweaks, detail, depth and shore fx are still needed.
shadows too dark b/c of incorrect static lighting settings for vegetation. 
4.7.2 update, messed with veg shader... altho the simple part, the material, is easy. I think the trick will be lighting it. As you can see the static lighting isn't right on it as static baked.  I'm sure there's a doc that says I should have checked the box, don't use static lighting or something.