Story: Getting an Early Start

I was just remembering a funny "new hire" story. At Luma, in maybe 2004, a young guy comes in and says, "um today's my first day..." There was no front desk at the time so we sent him to accounting. Accounting was like "What? Argh they never tell me anything, ok got you in the system. Go to IT and they'll set you up". IT was like "A new guy! Argh they never tell us anything! Ok here's your computer." He goes and sits down and gets assigns a shot (roto/plate reconstruction etc) and gets to work. About a month, the guy who does all the hiring asks me, "Hey who's that guy?" I said, "That's so-n-so. You know, you hired him". "No I don't know who that guy is!" After a little talking we figured out what happened. When Luma called him they said, "Come on in Monday". They meant for an interview, but he thought come in to start. Well luckily he was doing a good job so they just let it go. It's a funny start for a guy who went on to work for one of the biggest video game companies doing really cool work.
That's one way to get your foot in the door. He knows who he is, and knows the story. We still laugh abut it from time to time.