Test Level Started

I'm getting things together for a test map to test out the character movement, game play mechanics like doors, switches 'n such. Its crazy how much I assumed would just click into place and didn't. Like how much I had to break the geo apart to get the right collision shapes. This image may look nice in editor, but in iOS it doesn't have any textures. That will probably take re-UV'ing since I did a quick auto UV and the scales will be way off if I try to use any sort of texture, so there's a lot of work to get even this test level working. Everything was built in Maya imported as static meshes. Gravity is kinda broken since it doesn't take effect while the player is moving. So before even doors, I need to get a lot more of the basics working right. Also still after hours of trying can't get the UDK remote to work! ARGH!!!! Thats annoying the crap out of me.