Small Update

A lots happened since my last game play video. Finally found how to offset the Characters collision box on the mobilePlaceablePawn, he was floating 20 units off the ground before. It was simply in Pawn > Mesh > Skeletal Mesh Component > Primitive Component >Translation! Got touch doors working.  Got "use triggers" working in first person default view with a use button on iOS but not working in 3rd person I'm guessing since 3rd person is currently not the player but a mobilePlaceablePawn. I've tried almost everything I can on the trigger kismet side, I think now I need to make the pawn the player. Doing tests today.
So trying to solve that.
Got a level that does have any textures in game, got gun working with generic fx. Still needs lots of tweaking. I want to get the use triggers working and get some textures and re-UV the objects so I can have a decent looking level to run around in and make another example vid. So more to come. I'm working on it.

Edit: Talking to a friend I think the problem is I need to possess the pawn Kismet > Action > Actor > Pawn > Possess Pawn. Target = Player, Pawn Target = MobilePlaceablePawn

Double Edit: Got "use triggers" working in a test map at work. You have to Posses Pawn and not toggle off the actor controls, then make the rotation connect to the actor instead of the pawn.