Cover Letter Example:

To Whom it may Concern

Hello. My name is David E. Schoneveld. My profession is creating magic in the hearts and minds of people around the world! You may know this profession as your company hires artist similar to myself all the time to do that very thing. My interest is in this very aspect of your company, the hiring part. 
While the last 7 years I've been travelling around the world as a big game hunter, it saddened me as I killed the last endangers African Elephant Lion, the largest and most dangerous animal on dry land.  Saddened because I knew then I had reached as far as the road would take me in big game hunting. I use the same drive and focus on creating special FX, so you can imagine even though I have little to no training in computer animation I still am deadly when it comes to finalling shots! Oh believe you me, when you see my work, and you will see my work... just that. Dot dot dot.

Call me. 

Or email me. Yeah maybe email is better, because I might be in a movie or busy and can't get my phone or something. I won't leave my phone number in case you stopped reading and tried to call me right away. 

David E. Schoneveld