Pollock Updated UV Mapped

UV mapping is something some people might assume was done with the modeling... it wasn't I recently learned the modern way to UV map in Maya with the "unfold/relax" tool. Spent 3 hours between Thursday night and Friday morning UV'ing the old way. Daaamn, this process is so eye opening. So many of my areas of knowledge are outdated. Even tho I'm spending lots of hours w/o out big updates, I'm learning a ton in the exciting fun way where its like WOW this is awesome! Love this and that! hah. I've rigged and tested putting the character in engine, but really I need to figure out what the FBX workflow is for importing animations. The rig was temp and more just testing.
Big update on fur with the shell method and using some DirectX 11 stuff, well, just the better AA feature. I'll do a video tutorial on fur since it's pretty fun to see all that you can do with it in the material editor. But for now, here's Pollock UV's and updated, pretty much final low rez.