Monday, April 26, 2010

Explosion Test 2011

Explosion Maya 2011 test from destruct007 on Vimeo.

Messing around on a project, and figuring the ins and outs of Maya 2011


netsu said...

For a test that has some really good movement.

Christopher Puchta said...

that looks really cool!!
can you something about resolution settings / simulation time!?


David Schoneveld said...

the rez is set to 300 top and bottom closed and set to not auto resize (due to it appearing to slow down the movement in Y when you let it auto resize)
The sim time is crazy! About 15-20 minutes for 80 frames! and thats with a sub step of 2.

Christopher Puchta said...

that sounds pretty good imho.
will be a while until i'll use it in production, though...time to buff out the dynamics-bugs i guess ;)

phoebe said...

Beautiful sim David! Could you let us know what your base resolution and size was for this explosion?

Many thanks in advanced :)

Pavel said...

Whau.. Can you create tutorial for this explosion?? Please.. awesome