Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Character Start

Have to switch gears to the character. Andrew, the Gameplay Programmer, will need something by this weekend to start getting the actual game part going. We'll definitely need him rigged and block in animation by Saturday AM.

I blocked out the character from the initial sketches, slapped a texture on him and placed him in engine.
Um no. Head too big, body doesn't have the right frequency of detail to match the environment. Quick Sketch to hash out ideas...
Better, but I also realized its going to be a sculpt > bake normals kinda workflow. Which is fine especially for characters. So started to sculpt him but have to go to work...
This is where I'm at WIP. I like his new hair and 20% smaller head, or is it 20% bigger body? The bigger change is going to be his clothes. I'm thinking Robin Hood with a mage cloak/cape sort of thing. Might add a hood, we'll see.