Alec Holowka, from Infinite ammo

Yes another post first day blog is live, WTH? No I won't normally be doing that but at my day job I'm pushing particle counts on a sim with self collision, which gives me lots of time to sit and wait. So... here we are.
When learning FX, inorder to be good at it, you really need to be generally good at just about every other aspect of CG, or gaming in this case. Hence, my plan is to learn to be a master of Unity. It has to be if I want to be good at FX(and make games). So part of that is getting back into javascript, as I touched it basically in collage for internet purposes but now that seems to be the choice for what I want to do in game.
I really am enjoying these video tutorials by who's taken the time to break down a lot of stuff, mostly on the developer side (vs artistic/3d side) but really getting me up to speed in a jiffy coming from film fx. Anyway Alec Holowka seems to be an awesome guy, so check him out (if you haven't like for-evar-ago!)