Little Pollock, Crazy Idea?

Re-reading a post over at got me thinking again. Am I asking too much of my first game? Wasn't my goal finishing a game that looked good? swapping out characters is very doable... So here's my idea. What if I make a simpler iOS game that fun and tests out making a game from scratch start to finish? Just like the students did only I can't work on it full time. I'm calling it Little Pollock. He's not textured just lamberts assigned to faces right now. Little Pollock is UV'ed, but the wolfs are not. He's low rez (obviously) so he should be able to work on older iOS devices also, or I'll keep that in mind and try. 

Little Pollock

His head will turn with look direction tail will bounce as he moved and rotate as he turns, hands will bounce and react to shooting. 

Little Wolf Guard

Little Wolf Soldier

Enemies are not as simple. There's a lot to figure out here. How does AI work? What works on iOS? How does their health system work? Lots of questions, and research topics.