Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pulled the Trigger on Sandy Bridge

Upgrade time. Well time b/c my computer died, and the RMA process on a mother board is long and painful. Basically started buying new parts (geforce gtx465) to test if it was in fact the mobo that died, until I was like screw it. The Sandy Bridge, Core i7 2600k went on sale today. The K being the unlocked multiplier, but even still looks like a 20-25% gain on the core i7 920 I had/have. Not as exciting as if I'd waited until 3Q of this year but whatevs, need the new parts so got it.
If only it were that easy, get a new mobo and chip! Argh, I have 12 gigs of triple channel RAM, well guess what, triple channel isn't supported on the P67 platform, yaaaay. I guess the benefits were never shown for triple channel in real life tests.... aaanywho if you've even read this far I'm boring myself. So I got 16 gigs of DDR3 1600 dual channel RAM, and a 120gig SSD for the OS and apps. So all in all about 1.5 years later from my last computer build I spend another $1100 on my desktop. All on the hope that the power supply isn't the bad thing, oh god if it is I'll cry, then buy a new power supply.
I looked into a Dell but they are all, as expected, old PSU's and seem over priced. I do wish I had their support on my computer now but just can't bring myself to go that route. I'll probably go Mac... I keep saying that, if only for resale value, but never want to drop the actual initial money. Funny I hate spending a lot of money on that which I most.


Christian McGrath said...

Nice.It's funny, Intel has already anounced in next processor family and DDR4 has been announced as well. Going with SSD is a smart move, but you may consider also having another drive for project files/cached data and all the other stuff we techies collect.It is always nice to upgrade though.

David Schoneveld said...

yeah if I could wait until ivy bridge... But I can't. I have a raid 2 drive pair that I used to use for everything but now it'll be just files.

David Schoneveld said...

I am 99% sure this is my last computer build. I forget every time how much effort and time goes into it. Apple is looking really good right now. If I could do it over (un-purchase this stuff) I'd just buy a mac.

Nico said...

I'm really interested to hear how your new machine fairs with Maya. I work professionally as a character animator and mostly rig/animate on my home machine. It's pretty dated now (a P4 3.0... crazy I know!) Anyways, I've seen some nice benchmarks for rendering etc. but I'm more interested in how these processors handle skin binding and calculating deformations in the viewport.

It's my understanding a fancy video card isn't what I'm after for the best viewport fps as deformations are almost entirely calculated on the CPU.

Well it's late and I'm rambling on! Good luck with your build and I'll check for feedback if you get a chance!

Humberto said...

Hi David. Just one question. for working at home which video card do you recommend for doing fx animation?. Quadro or Geforce?. I believe Quadro is better but pricy. what about the GeForce, does the work?.. thank you in advance.

David Schoneveld said...

I've never noticed an improvement with graphics cards. I get whatever best in my price range (gforce) generally $200-$300.