Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Gnomon Fluid FX DVD's*

Free if you live in LA and want to pick them up at DD, ro arrange to make it ubber easy for me to ship them to you. I have 2 sets of 3 DVD's Fundamentals, Particle Integration, and Pyrotechnics (that I made years ago but still hold up for the most part) I also have a RigidBody Simulations for Visual Effects from the Kolektiv from 2002, that also has some neat tricks and worth a watch, hah considering those RBD's are still there in maya! Email me if you want them. Thats sort of a trick, whats my email? Not too hard to figure out, or you can find it for sure. Find it, guess it, email me and ask for them, (or linkedin message me) I'll update this post when they're gone.

Update: Gone.


jack said...

You are very kind.
( :


francisco said...

Daved'm looking like crazy dvd Maya Techniques | Flow Workflows and I find it anywhere to buy, much less how to torrent

You know where I can find it?

Thank you man

David Schoneveld said...

if I understand your keyboard mashing correctly, you want to buy the DVD's i made and you can't find them or even torrent them. Right, well I'd say get the new fluids DVD from Gnomon.

francisco said...
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David Schoneveld said...

I'd strongly suggest checking up your butt and around the corner but that's childish and gross and I'd NEVER say that.
Otherwise I'd say never heard of it (other than it holding all the secrets of all the pro's evar!) I even cared enough to look on google, spent 45 seconds looking didn't find anything other than your cgpersia post asking for it.
If you ever find it, and you should keep looking, keep it secret, and keep it safe.

francisco said...

Ok i understand.