Friday, August 27, 2010

Mel script to mess with 2

I posted before a script to mess with, that was a short script, well I've added a UI to it and now its a crap load longer, but there are new features. It will save your cache settings with the file, so if you oversample it will remember the oversampling, etc.
So check it out, I'll make it work for windows this weekend. Right now it's only Linux.

EDIT: now version 2.1 with changes from "Alberto" plus a few extra things that I needed to do like error checking.


Alberto said...

Just a note.
I was looking in your code because I was trying to do something similar last week with Karen Smith, but I had to give up to technical problems (basically I was trying to cache AND playblast at the same time).
I have noticed a small issue in your mel. May be you can read the current render format e the current playrate and then apply again them after the playblast. Otherwise someone can go crazy if they don't understand what happen :)

David Schoneveld said...

ah yeah I see you're saying b/c I set a few things I don't reset them afterwards...
Probably b/c of the render tools here I never have that problem but yeah, I'll fix that (and I already have a small optimization for it too)
also its not hard to make this work for nParticles... I have that working too, just not in thew script yet.