Monday, December 7, 2009

fluid rendering: handware/software mix

Many Most people who've worked with fluids, have noticed that it looks better in openGL than the render... in some ways. I'm refering to smoke, not more shader based fx like fire. Smoke will have some details that seem to get lost in software render, but software render also has the benefit of smoothness of gradients and propor lighting. Those 2 key aspects keep up software rendering. My friend at work was talking about trying to hardware render his fluids and said it was almost good enough. I played around and came up with this.
hardware render for the added detail and blur/add it into comp over top of the software render. I haven't done this on production level stuff but on my initial tests the results are promising.
Here's one test frame, I'll try to get the render online.

Maya Fluid Software Hardware Mix from destruct007 on Vimeo.


Rodrigo said...

hello my name is rodrigo and i am from brazil , first i want to say to you tha i am a big fan of your blog , i always chekout to see the nice stuff that you do, i have one
question to make to you , i am a student of 3d and i really like particles and dynamics but i dont know maxscript( i use 3dmax) i know thats very difficult to a person that dont kow scripts to get in this field , so you know some 3d program thats allow to make nice stuff like explosions and fire thats dont need mutch script, 1 person say that houdini
more like that you kow if its a good program.

thanks for the time

David Schoneveld said...

you don't need to learn how to script. I did all this with 0 scripts. I know fx guys in maya who don't script at all, expressions everyone knows b/c they are easy to learn. I think maya is best for what you want.

Rodrigo said...

thanks very mutch for the answer

JC_Jr. said...

hi David,

How should I render fluid with alpha in hardware render? It could render out when I use default hardware render.


David Schoneveld said...

I screened it multiplied it in. I didn't get an alpha. Also changed my BG to white or black for comping. Play with it see what works best. OR use the alpha from the software render

Felix said...

Just found this while trawling the internet, definitely very useful.